Residential + Personal Organization

Pantries, kitchens, closets, bathrooms, play rooms, craft rooms, home offices, family command centers, downsizing, minimizing, we’re all about decluttering! With customized plans and product selections, we specialize in creating beautifully organized spaces that are easy to maintain for the whole family.

Apart from giving you beautifully organized and styled spaces, there are several advantages of choosing to work with Style and Dwell. We work quickly and value your time. We’re completely confidential, and have the utmost respect for your home. We cater to whatever particular aesthetic you desire.  As busy moms, we understand no one's house is Pinterest perfect.  We want you to be totally comfortable in your new space! Browse Our Work page to see how our services can transform your space.

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Before working with Style and Dwell, I was stressed about combining my boys into a shared bedroom due to the closet space. Style and Dwell took one look at the space and came up with a solution that was functional and easy to achieve. Due to creative bins, labels, and shelving, the small closet gives us all the space we need!

-Kayla, Edina

Lindsay and Ashley were such a joy to work with! Not only were they so fun to be around, but they make you feel totally comfortable and connected during the whole process. They were able to stay under budget while giving my entire kitchen a more functional, stylish revamp. I can’t wait to work with them again!

-Sarah, St. Paul (@brunetteandbabes)

I absolutely loved working with the girls from Style + Dwell! They had great ideas for my kitchen pantry that I had never thought of and they made my space not only organized but beautiful!

-Jen, Minneapolis (@paisleyandsparrow)

I had the pleasure of working with Style+Dwell to organize the food cupboards in my kitchen. The pantry cupboard and other food cupboards are very narrow and deep, making it difficult to find what I need. I have always considered myself to be an organized person, but Style+Dwell transformed my cupboards in just an afternoon. Getting everything into clear plastic containers and baskets with stylish labels not only made things in my cupboards easy to reach and to find, but also aesthetically pleasing. I find myself opening the cupboard door just to look at how great they look! I love everything about them—thank you Style+Dwell. I could never have done it without you.

- Diane, Deephaven

Style + Dwell came into my cluttered, unorganized pantry and challenged me to think of things differently. I had the starts of a system but with two young children and very little spare time, I had not put in the thought needed to actually maintain organization in the space. They challenged me to move and rearrange things in addition to giving me helpful tips on how to better use the space. I ended up doing several cabinets in addition to the pantry based on our conversation! They got me to think about organization differently and we have started going through all the closets at home. I feel so empowered from the hour we spent together to be able to do this in other spaces. I cannot wait!

-Alex, Edina

Working with Style + Dwell helped me to declutter things that had been laying around for years but didn't know what to do with. They made great suggestions of how to clean things up, simplify, and use spaces more efficiently. My house actually feels bigger because there is less "stuff" around!

-Nicole, Minneapolis