How to Organize LEGO Sets

Organized Lego Sets.jpg

LEGOs are one of the most popular toys in the world…no wonder most children have more than a few sets. However, as parents we can all agree that they are a nightmare to keep organized…especially when your kids have graduated from DUPLO to the traditional LEGO. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t step on a few in your lifetime, we can certainly help keep them contained and organized.

Use small plastic boxes to keep sets separate. We love using the ArtBin Essentials 6x6 plastic storage boxes to keep LEGOs organized. These boxes come in a variety of sizes to store various sizes of sets, but the 6x6 is perfect for most of the smaller sets. Not only does it hold all the pieces, but I can keep the instruction booklet in there as well. Cut out the cover of the booklet and tape it to the inside of the lid to you can easily see which set is which!

The other advantage to storing your LEGOs this way is that it makes it easy for kids to trade their sets back and forth…because we all know they build them once or twice, and then they are ready for a new challenge!