gallery wall

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Gallery wall with brass picture frames.  styled bar cart in dining room

For some reason I’ve always been intimidated by gallery walls, and nervous about not being able to get it “just right.” But I adore the way that they look, and wanted to showcase these brushed brass frames with my favorite black and white photos of the kids. In the spirit of one of my favorite mantras: “just start” I grabbed my painters tape, and laid out a plan.

Gallery wall with brass picture frames.  Styled bar cart in dining room

The entire project took maybe 10 minutes, and I was shocked with how easy it was, and I’m absolutely LOVING the results! The thing I’ve realized about organizing a gallery wall, is it doesn’t need to be perfect. As long as you cover enough wall space, and coordinate your pictures - you’re good to go!

A couple of things that I found helpful:

  1. Lay out your design either on the floor, or use painters tape to outline your concept on the wall

  2. While your pictures and wall hangings don’t need to match (often it looks amazing to have different pieces and textures!) do pick a general color scheme and stick to it.

  3. Go with your gut. Choose photos and personal items that you love, and the outcome will be a garunteed win!

Gallery wall in girls nursery.  changing table with round mirror on dresser

After building some confidence in my dining room it was on to my daughter’s nursery. For these gallery walls I took a bit more risk, and mixed in some sentimental items. Things like family heirloom prints, a macrame shawl of my grandmothers, and my daughter’s sweet hat - all of which make me smile every time I see them. Don’t be afraid to mix in some greenery as well (faux or real), these hanging planters are one of my favorites, and how cute is this little white and brass geometric succulent container?!

Corner of nursery with basket, gallery wall, table and couch

If you’re planning a gallery wall of your own, or have already completed one, we’d love to hear what you did! The best part about these is that no two are the same, and it’s so fun to see all the different ways to style them.

Happy Organizing!


Lindsay and Ashley