Labeling 101: DIY Customized Labels for Your Home

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Ever wondered how we create our beautiful customized labels for your home? It's actually easier than you think, and you can even do it yourself! You don't even have to have Pinterest worthy handwriting :) If you have a laser printer (InkJet will work as well), all you need are clear glossy Avery labels, available on Amazon. 


This is the size I would say we use for most every application. Occasionally, we will use a larger label sheet for special projects using larger bins or containers. 

Customized Craft Room Labels Organization

Avery makes it super simple to use their templates so you don't have to worry about any formatting... just choose the product you are using by entering the template number, then start designing! You can choose any font, size or clipart you wish. Our favorite to use for pantries is the Bella Donna's elegant but still easy to read and puts that perfect finishing touch on your space. For children's spaces such as craft rooms and play rooms, we love Shadows Into Light Two, but you can choose any font you like, that's what makes it fun and personal. 

After you have finished designing your template, simply feed the label sheets into your printer and follow the printing prompts on the Avery website. Within minutes you have your own beautiful, customized labels!

Just a word of warning...once you start labeling, you won't be able to stop. Enjoy! 

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