Styling a Bar Cart in 3 Simple Steps

bar cart set up for summer entertaining

Throwing an end of the Summer soirée, or just having a few friends over for cocktails?  Our number one obsession for serving up the perfect drink display is to corral everything on a gorgeous bar cart.  Not only do bar carts look great, but they make grabbing what you need a snap.  We’ve gotten a lot of questions about “what exactly goes on a bar cart,” so without further ado...

Step 1: Create a beautiful backdrop

We love nothing more than fresh cut flowers, and ready to go drink accompaniments.  For this particular party the drink du jour was G + T’s, so having pretty bottles of tonic water, cut up cucumbers, and lime wedges in pretty glasses was key.

Gin and tonic bar cart setup

Step Two: Glassware on display

Running in and out of the house to bring a guest a wine glass, isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.  Save yourself the trouble by displaying glasses on your cart, so party goers can easily help themselves!


Step 3: Have a variety of cold beverages 

While we will happily drink Rosé all day, your guests may want just a few other choices on hand.  They’ll be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness if you have multiple options available of both alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages.  Be sure to stock up on ice before your party, and then fill a pretty bucket just before the guests arrive.  


And our most important tip... have fun!  A relaxed host is a fabulous host.  Doing a little extra prep work on the front end, makes for an incredible summer evening. 






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