Up Your Pantry Style Game

Organizing a pantry is one of our favorite things to do!  Decant into pretty glassware, add in some baskets and cereal canisters, and top it off with some pretty labels. That’s about as good as it gets...right?!  We thought so too, until we discovered removable wallpaper.  For this particular project we used Chasing Paper’s gorgeous print: Lemon Fresh. You guys, this stuff is seriously all sorts of amazing!

organized pantry with wallpaper

Adhesive wallpaper yields beautiful results, and it’s a pice of cake to work with.  It has a removable backing, which makes installation  breeze.  Should you ever need to remove it, then just peel it right off.  Yep, it’s really just that easy!

removable wallpaper prep

Step 1.  Prep you space

To get started you’ll want to take measurements of the area you’ll be working with.  We love the advice of “measure twice, and cut once.”  You may want to add a little bit of an overage, as it’s much easier to use an X-ACTO knife to cut off any excess vs. finding yourself short on product.   You'll also want to wipe down the walls, and make sure its been at least 4 weeks since they were last painted.

installing adhesive wallpaper

Step 2. Application

We love working with Chasing Paper products, as they come in easy to manage 2’ x 4’ panels. For a smaller space such a pantry, we found it works best to peel all the backing off first, set the paper print side down, and then slowly put the paper onto the wall. We always start with the top middle, work our way outward, and smooth as we go. If you have electrical outlets to go around, don’t worry it’s not a big deal. First, take off the face plate. Then wallpaper over the outlet, and then use and X-ACTO knife to carefully cut around the outlet (it’s never a bad idea to turn off the electricity when doing this).

Organized Pantry and decor

Step 3. Style it up

Once all your wallpaper is on, start placing your baskets and jars back in the pantry. For snacks, we love these large glass jars in the 1 gallon size, for those Costco purchases, we also love the 2 gallon option. For your items that need a tight seal, the Bormioli glass jars are one of our favorites. Finally, those larger items that you don’t want to decant, labeled baskets (and how cute are these seagrass ones?) are a great way to keep the whole family organized.

Happy Organizing!


Lindsay + Ashley