How to Create a Home Gift Wrap Station

You know that pile of holiday gifts you have hiding in your closet? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to wrap them without having to haul out your wrapping paper and supplies every time you want to wrap a present? Luckily, creating a gift wrap station in your home is easier than you think and doesn’t even require that much space.

I created this simple wrapping station with an empty shelf in my kid’s craft room/husband’s office. This would also work on the inside of a cabinet as well.

gift wrapping station with wrapping paper and ribbon

Using mini tension rods, display your wrapping paper in between the walls of your shelf or cabinet.

Use the same tension rods to hold rolls of ribbon.

Use cute jars and vases to display and hold your embellishments, gift tags and other gift wrap necessities.

gift wrapping station with wrapping paper, tissue paper, and ribbon

Keep a dedicated tape dispenser, pens and pair of scissors in the gift wrap area so you always have the supplies that you need.

Store tissue paper and gift boxes on a shelf below the paper and ribbon for easy access.

If you don’t happen to have an empty shelf or area to create a full gift wrap station, we absolutely love these hanging gift wrap organizers. You can hang them over a door or even right inside your closet. They are a space saving and economical way to store and organize your wrapping paper so it’s ready to go when the craziness of the holidays hit!

Happy Organizing!


Ashley + Lindsay