Baking Supplies Organized


If you’re like most people you may have your baking supplies scattered throughout your kitchen.  Often when we work with clients it’s not unusual to discover petrified brown sugar bags, numerous jars of unopened baking powder, and gummy marshmallows lurking in various drawers and cabinets. 

It’s totally normal for this to happen, as the majority of us keep these items in dark cabinets, and don’t use them daily.  To get a handle on your baking supplies (and avoid buying unnecessary items) we put together a couple easy steps to help you get things in order before your next cookie making extravaganza.

Do a deep clean:  Baking items are notorious for leaving sticky and messy debris.  Clear everything out, and give your space a good scrub.  Now, really look at what you have left.  You can probably combine a few items, or toss others that are past their expiration dates.

The right gear.  Not all of our organizing jobs require new product, but baking supplies are often an exception.  If you have a baking drawer, we love these Bambusi bamboo expandable dividers.  They keep everything from sliding around, and they create a “home” for your spices, cupcake liners, measuring cups, and even your rolling pin!  Extra bonus, that they’re a perfect fit for decanted sprinkles- seriously could these mini ball jars be any cuter?! 

organized baking drawer
organized baking drawer, with dividers, sprinkles, and cupcake liners.

Corral your powdered and granular items.  Let’s face it, usually when you buy a bag of flour or sugar it doesn’t always come in a nice resealable bag.  To keep these items free of contaminants, we adore these baking canister sets.  They make them for everything imaginable, but our all time favorite is the brown sugar container.  No one likes it when their brown sugar turns to stone, and the terracotta disk keeps it the same consistency as the day you bought it.  If you want to up the style game on your containers - we’re now selling our vinyl label baking set!

flour, sugar, and powdered sugar baking containers with labels.
brown sugar container with vinyl label

Now that you’ve organized all of your baking supplies, have fun whipping up your favorite confections!

Happy Organizing!


Ashley and Lindsay