How to Organize Those Letterboard Letters

letter board letter organizing

The word “frustration” immediately comes to mind, when I remember my previous method for creating a new letterboard.  Finding the exact letter would often turn into a mean game of alphabet soup, as I’d search tirelessly through the endless jumbled options.  You really don’t want to know how long it took to create some of our favorite setups...


stray socks organized, letter board
coffee bar cart with letter board, coffee, and orange juice

Thank goodness for Ashley’s problem solving abilities, as she came up with a genius organizing solution that’s seriously a letterboard game changer.   

organized letters for letter board in plastic container

This little plastic organizer is an inexpensive way to get those letter sorted, and it only takes about 15 minutes.  Get those little guys alphabetized, organize your numbers, and finally separate your emojis.  Add in some labels so you know where everything goes, and you’re done!  Such a simple solution, but it’s guaranteed to save you oh so much time when your creating your next masterpiece. 

organized letter board

Happy organizing! 


Ashley and Lindsay