Organizing your Fridge in 3 Easy Steps

An organized fridge is a happy fridge, right? It’s also a happy mama…and easier than you think. Organizing your fridge can sound intimidating…after all, how maintainable is it? The answer is, very. Not only is it easy to keep organized once you take the time to do it, but it makes cooking more efficient, lunch packing more efficient and grocery shopping more valuable. With everything visible, you won’t overbuy and your perishables won’t go bad. Let’s break it down in a few easy steps and I promise you’ll be happy! I mean, opening your refrigerator to find this can’t make you sad, right? :)

Organized fridge.jpg

Take Everything Out

I mean it…everything. Discard salad dressings, condiments and other items that are expired. Consolidate items that you have more than one and combine them into one container. It’s time to get rid of any of those items that you “might” use someday.

Scrub Everything Down

Using a natural cleaner or vinegar/water solution, spray down the shelves, walls and door and wipe with a clean cloth. Remove all the drawers, transfer to the sink, fill with water and dish soap and scrub. They get much cleaner this way than just wiping them down in the fridge. Don’t forget the areas underneath the drawers…yikes.


Using clear bins, group like items together and label the fronts. You can buy our Fridge Essentials Label Kit here!

I buy my eggs in bulk, so I place them into plastic egg containers. Using a dry erase marker, label the egg container/drawer with the date on the carton. These containers are great even if you don’t buy in bulk. It makes it easy to see how many you have left so you’re not caught without enough eggs next time you’re whipping up a batch of cookies.

We love using lazy Susans for taller items that get stuck in the back of the fridge. If you don’t have pull out shelves, using a lazy Susan with lower sides works great. Keep smaller condiments, sauces and dressings in the door. Dedicate a separate bin for defrosting meats…that way any liquid that leaks from the packaging stays contained and you can just give it a good wash. I love keeping kid snacks and food items in the lower storage areas…especially breakfast items. Who doesn’t love an independent kid at 6am?

TIP: Dedicate a bin to group the day’s meal planning items together. When it’s time to get dinner ready, grab the bin and get started. Makes dinner prep a breeze!

Organized Fridge Door

See!? That wasn’t so hard, was it! Now get started!

Happy Organizing!


Ashley + Lindsay