Beauty Product Pare Down + Bathroom Organizing Tips and Tricks

Confession: we both love our beauty products, but they tend to pile up like nothing else does! There’s a whole host of reasons this happens, but if you’re like us, you hold on to products because:

A: To be able to afford said “miracle product” you basically forked over an entire paycheck, and now you’re “saving it.”  

B.  You bought a product after some coercing + magical lighting while sitting in the makeup chair, and after bringing it home you’ve decided it’s not quite right.  

C. You’re stockpiling.  Either you found your favorite product on sale, and said “I’ll take 10.”  Or maybe you’ve finally found that perfect shade of foundation, and bought multiples - fearing it would be discontinued.

If you’re reading this list, nodding your head, and thinking “that sounds like me,” you’re not alone. The majority of our clients all seem to have a tough time with their bathrooms and the clutter that tends to go with them.

First things first: be totally honest with yourself, and minimize what you have.

Let’s get rid of those products that you never use. You know what we’re talking about: that glitter eye shadow, unflattering lip stick shades, and hair products that don’t work the way you’d like... sorry, you guys are out!  After that, please check all those expiration dates.  You could be unintentionally introducing harmful bacteria, if you’re keeping items around longer than recommended.  By simplifying, you’ll both clear up space, and spend less time searching for your favorite products. 

makeup organized in a beauty organizer

Next up: now that you’ve minimized, let’s get organized!

Put “like with like” and you’ll be amazed at how much more efficient you are in the morning! Makeup storage can be as simple, as a dedicated makeup bag with various compartments. Or we love pretty acrylic containers, which makes storing your make up neatly and compactly a breeze.  If you keep nail polish and essential oils in your bathroom, these tiered containers work wonders, and keep everything standing upright.   

nail polish organizer
hair and skin care products organized

Finally: Those larger beauty products (these guys always tend to topple like dominos)

To keep your products for skin and hair upright and accessible, grouping the categories together and using a simple white container is amazing for under the counter use, drawers, and cabinets.  Don’t forget to label them, as it’ll keep you accountable, and less likely to slip back into old habits!

Happy Organizing!


Lindsay and Ashley